Captain Decius

Tall, with grey hair and a long coat. At his side he carries a nasty looking sword with a black blade


WS: 50
BS: 40
T: 35
P: 50
Int: 37
Fel: 32
S: 20
Ag: 35

Daemonsword: Parry+ 10, D10+7
Special: When you use this sword, you gain +5 Per, Ag, S, T, and WS, as well as -5 WP
If a pc takes this sword, they will gain 1d10 corruption points.
Also, whenever you kill with the sword, you must test willpower or take d5-2 corruption points
Whenever you kill an opponent you gain +1 temporary wound point. Every month you have the sword in your possession, you must test WP or take D5-2 corruption points.

Auto pistol: 1/3/7 D10+1 clip 16


Captain Decius

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